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The Questions To Ask About Gutter Cleaning Services



 Thorough research is critical when considering a gutter cleaning company that will be charged with caring for your most important asset: your home. As a homeowner, the key to choosing a gutter cleaning company is knowing what to look for and which questions to ask. As homeowners are researching gutter cleaning companies, here are four key questions to ask:



It Begin your research by casting a wide net and searching online for all the gutter cleaning services that serve your area. Try to narrow your search down to three based on what you find.

From there, we recommend calling each company and spending about 5-10 minutes asking about their expertise. It’s okay to ask specific questions about how their gutter cleaning process works and how it is superior or different from their competitors.

Listen for answers that incorporate elements of safety precautions, material selections, and thoroughness in their work. Pay attention to how they’re answering your questions and how they may be asking you what elements of your home they should be considering.

Short, incomplete, or rushed answers are vital indicators of a red flag because it shows a company that lacks a knowledgeable foundation. A gutter cleaning company should be excited to talk with prospective homeowners about their specific gutter needs.



While playing out worse-case scenarios is never fun, you should always ask yourself, “what if something goes wrong?”

Check if your top three candidates have a service guarantee backing up their job performance. A service guarantee should ensure the success of a job so that even if something were to happen to your gutters immediately after the services rendered.

Ultimately, you want to avoid being left in a position where you’ve paid a company and been left high and dry with shoddy work. If there is no service guarantee, this is a huge red flag. 



Insurance and liability for customers & worker’s compensation for employees are essential. Upkeepcity, for example, is fully insured in this way and can work on your roof when needed.

It is a precursor to any physical labour done at a private residence, though only some companies see eye-to-eye with Upkeepcity. We consider insurance a safety protocol because if our employees injure themselves while working on your roof, we want to ensure they are covered.

Furthermore, although few and far between, mistakes might cause property damage. Should that happen at the fault of a gutter cleaning company, knowing they are insured can give everyone peace of mind about the situation.  



Be bold and ask questions about how many years they’ve been in business, how many jobs they perform per week, and how many different areas they serve.

A good comparison to this is a restaurant. You would expect a reputable and popular restaurant to have a packed house on Friday during happy hour. If a restaurant is empty at this pivotal hour during the week, it might suggest how it’s perceived. The same logic applies to a gutter cleaning company, in which longevity, portfolio, and area reach are all indicators of a company that does consistently good work for many customers. 




At Upkeepcity, the cleaning team has the experience, energy, and great attitude to clean your property.

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