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Carpet Stretching

Have you ever noticed a part on your wall to wall carpet it looks like it’s bubbling up or rippling rather than laying perfectly flat on the floor? This is often something which will not get away . In fact, in most cases, the tiny ripple will worsen the more you walk on it. A ripple on a carpet is the reason an owner would wish for carpet stretching. Carpet stretching is the act of re-stretching the wrinkled carpet back to its original shape.

Whether it’s bobbing up by itself or you pull it up to get it out of the way while remodeling, you’ll want to reinstall carpeting quickly. Upkeepcity has trained technicians ready to serve you. We have got the time, tools and the knowledge to get rid of wrinkles that may have developed from poor installation, moving heavy furniture, or years of wear and tear.

Carpet stretching may be a quite common carpet repair task. For the most part, stretching it will remove the buckles and return it to its natural state as a flat, attractive floor covering. Carpet stretching is easy in theory: it involves pulling up the sides of the carpet, re-stretching the carpet so it’s properly taught, trimming any excess that’s been created, and re-securing the carpet in its new place. But in practice, it’s a considerably involved process, involving unique tools and proper technique to truly accomplish a successful carpet stretch.

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