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Possum Removal

Possum Removal

Despite what they appear like, possums are not rodents. They give birth to their young, who then must climb aboard the mother and find their way to her pouch to continue growing, very similar to kangaroos. That means possums are marsupials, and they are the largest such animals in Canberra.

A possum will naturally inhabit hollowed trees in the wild, but in city landscapes, this isn’t always possible. Possums can invade roofs, wall cavities, and different gaps in your home leading to mess and damage to your own home. That is why Upkeepcity Pest control management gives expert possum elimination and manage services in Canberra. With a free quote service, Upkeepcity Pest Control offers comprehensive possum control that identifies all entry points in your home. We seal them all except one, where we install a one-way exit. It is as simple as that – no more possums without actually harming a single one!

Many people find possums frightening to look at. They are nocturnal and when headlights shine upon their white faces and dark eyes, amid their tendency to hiss when startled, they seem dangerous. The fact is that they might much rather prefer to run away, hide rather than fight each other. However, there are some risks connected with possums that make them a potential pest. That’s why Upkeepcity offers reliable possum removal services for commercial businesses.

Upkeepcity specialists are experienced in trapping and removing possums from properties. If you have spotted possums around your home, call the Upkeepcity experts right away. We offer an effective, safe, efficient, humane, and professional way to Remove & Control Possums. As required by the Wildlife Act 1975 we are a Licensed Wildlife Controller and we are experts in evicting Possums from homes.

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