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Possum Removal services in Adelaide
Possum Removal Adelaide

Possum Removal Service Adelaide

You might have a possum problem if strange noises are coming from your roof at night. Even though they can be quite loud and bothersome, it’s crucial to get rid of these nocturnal animals in a humane and ethical manner. If you live in Sydney and need assistance removing possums, you might want to contact Humane Possum Removal Melbourne. Possums can be safely and successfully removed from your property by their team of experienced wildlife handlers.

Our team can assist if you’re having problems in Melbourne with obnoxious possums. Our business is an authority on the Wildlife Act’s regulations and specializes in humane possum removal services.

It’s crucial to get expert help for possum removal if you have a problem with them on your property. It might be challenging and dangerous to try to handle it on your own. A possum removal expert can assist in this situation. They possess the information and resources necessary to safely and humanely relocate any possums causing problems. Contact a knowledgeable organization as soon as you can, such as Humane Possum Removal, to discuss a solution to the issue.



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possum removal Adelaide

Possum Removal Services

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Hiding Spots of Possums

To live and grow, possums find the best places where they can reside. So, here are some locations where they commonly hide and make their nest over that place.







Under Deck






The only person you need to get in touch with if you live in Melbourne and have a possum issue is Upkeepcity. With a combined 45 years of experience, our team of experts can provide removal, rescue, and support services whenever needed. We have worked with homes in both rural and urban areas to prevent possum damage to structures using our Certificate IV in Animal Regulation and Management. Our methods are environmentally friendly, and we keep in touch with possum conservationists, authorities, and research institutions like the CSIRO to make sure we’re always utilizing the most advanced and efficient techniques. If you have a possum infestation, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.


  • Our insurance and license are current.
  • In Canberra, a wide range of possum removal services are offered, including possum relocation (using live traps) and repair or securing of entry points.
  • In Canberra, we run a small-town possum removal service.
  • In Canberra, we can set up and provide possum boxes.
  • In Canberra, possums are taken out of homes and businesses.
  • Every one of our relocation and removal techniques is humane.
  • We offer an 18-month warranty for regular use and when all instructions are followed.

Possum boxes in Canberra can be set up and supplied by us.

Using our dependable and safe possum removal services.

The removal of a dead possum.

Possums that have died need to be removed from the area because they spread disease, give off odors, and draw other pests. Pollutants can still enter homes even after they have died. Our experts will remove any deceased possums from your property.

A possum examination before making a purchase.

Prior to buying a new house, make sure there are no issues with pest infestation. It’s possible that possums or other pests are to blame. After a thorough inspection of the property by our team, you will be informed if there are any possum or other pest problems.

Possum removal occurred in the backyard.

The backyard of your home is one of the areas that possums frequently target. We will handle Backyard Possum Removal expertly when you contact our team. We are aware of the regulations put in place by the government for the protection and eviction of possums that stray onto private property.

Take out the possums that day.

Yes, you can currently get rid of a possum from your property. Once you contact us, a member of our team ought to show up within less than 30 minutes, depending on how serious the situation is.

Possums under the deck need to be removed.

Let us handle it; later, we can worry about the possum under the deck. We collect and humanely remove possums in order to shield you from legal action. We’ll take care to get rid of them from your property.

Removal of possums when necessary.

Possum removal must begin right away in the event of an attack. Our team is always ready to respond to your needs in a timely manner. Get in touch with our Possum Removal Emergency Team as soon as you can; you and your family need their help.

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Removal procedure for Melbourne possums.

The possums on your property are our number one priority. Possums are handled safely, compassionately, and harm-free by skilled catchers.
Possums that have been caught will be returned to their natural habitat after capture. We can only move them 50 meters away because of local regulations.
Animals like possums are cunning and might attempt to enter your home again. Sealing off all entry points completely is the first step in preventing this.