hospitality cleaning services

Hospitality Cleaning

Upkeepcity provides commercial cleaning services right across the hospitality industry. Whether your site requires special cleaning services for some special events or regular/weekly cleaning services, our highly trained team of cleaners at Upkeepcity Cleaning Services can provide it.

We are understood for our reliable cleaning services in hotels, restaurants, event site, banquet halls etc with rapid response and efficiency during post and pre event. All cleaning specifications are performed to fulfill the highest industry standards.

Upkeepcity Cleaning services understand’s the flow of heavy traffic at a venue, we facilitate adequate staff in these high traffic area to ensure an expert clean in ample time. Upkeepcity cleaners provide a customized commercial cleaning scheduled for your hospitality site and presents your establishment in its best light as clean, tidy, professional and caring for its customers.

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Hospitality Cleaning Services

We provide hospitality commercial cleaning services for the following sites:
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Upkeepcity Cleaning Services

Commercial Appliance & Equipment Cleaning

Upkeepcity ensures that the commercial appliances and equipment are cleaned and degreased so that they work perfectly by the start of the following shift. It takes a short period for the impurities to accumulate, but we have the tools and processes to remove food, grease, and debris for improved cleanliness and health.

hospitality cleaning services


It is frequently used by all age groups, gathering dust particles and formulating the edges jagged. Different types of upholstery fabric require different types of cleaning procedures. Upkeepcity has employees who are skilled professional team affordable price. The team of our upholstery cleaners tries to accommodate all your couch cleaning needs. Thus, we offer customized services to meet our customer’s needs.


Even the highest-quality carpet can show soiling over time. Protect your investment with Upkeepcity and maintain your carpet for a longer time. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning and stain management services for carpets at an affordable price. A good rule of thumb would be to clean your carpet regularly before it becomes saturated with soil.

hospitality cleaning services
hospitality cleaning services

Cool Rooms

Your kitchen employees use the walk-in refrigerators all day long. We deep clean every surface from the handles and doors to the racks, walls, and floors to keep bacteria and food-borne illnesses from thriving. This process keeps the environment inside your walk-ins healthier and codes compliant. The result is efficient refrigeration and improved cold storage for the health and safety of your loyal customer base.


A cluttered, disorganized, and grimy fridge can be a major problem causing bacteria to grow and reducing the life span of Fridges. Upkeepcity provides the solution wherein the professional team members deep clean the fridges from shelves to cabinets; we will remove dust and crumbs. This process keeps your storage areas not only clean and successfully keeps pests from invading.

hospitality cleaning services
hospitality cleaning services


Grills can port a portion of food for days after the dish has been consumed, which becomes an attraction for birds, insects, and other germs. Upkeepcity can help you clean your grill and new by removing grease, fat, and germs that build up over time. Our grill cleaning process inspects key components imperative to maintaining a safe kitchen and passing health inspections.


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