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Covid-19 Cleaning

COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Coronavirus Cleaning

Upkeepcity Cleaning team understands the intense nature of COVID-19; we are offering Coronavirus cleaning services to stop the spread of COVID-19 according to the Australian Department of Health Infection Control Training – COVID 19. Sanitizing & disinfecting are crucial in the fight to stop the spread of germs and disease. Our cleaning services extend to homes, schools, aged care homes, medical facilities, medical clinics, and commercial offices while strictly complying with the 1.5m social distancing rules.

At Upkeepcity, we use high-grade disinfecting chemicals, which are highly effective in sanitizing and disinfecting services. Cleaning has proved highly effective in reducing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for several hours, if not several days.

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We are a Preferred COVID-19 Cleaner in Canberra



We clean and organize the office for a productive workday by following COVID norms.


Our cleaning method used in healthcare environments to control and break the chain of infection.


We use disinfectant sprays on cardio machines, treadmills and other gym equipment such as dumbbells, balls and free weights to avoid spread of virus.

Covid-19 Cleaning


Reducing the risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, we provide cleaning and disinfection in an integral part of schools.


Our cleaning team regularly disinfects childcare settings to help ensure that children stay healthy.


Developing a plan, to ensure frequent cleaning within your living space.

Specialized COVID Deep Cleaning Services

Our professional team can provide you with a full Coronavirus (COVID -19) precautionary cleaning and sanitizing service using hospital-grade anti-viral cleaning products and color-coded cleaning tools to stop cross-contamination.

Whether it’s a daily cleaning service of all touchpoints, a precautionary full clean of your site, or a sterilizing service after a confirmed case of Coronavirus at your workplace, we have the equipment and the know-how to clean your site professionally.

So, you’ll keep your business open and your employees and customers safe.

Covid-19 Cleaning
Covid-19 Cleaning
Elevator Button
Covid-19 Cleaning
Door Handle 
Covid-19 Cleaning
Restroom Faucets and Dispensers
Covid-19 Cleaning
Furniture Cleaning
Covid-19 Cleaning
Laptop Cleaning
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Reasons to Hire Our Professional Cleaners

Covid-19 Cleaning

Customized Disinfection Plan

Our Customized Disinfection Plan specializes in disinfection services and will assist you to shrink the risk of illness. It is customized to meet your requirements ensuring the health of your acquaintance at a reasonable rate.

Risk-free Disinfectants

We use disinfectants which are less harmful, eco-friendly and employs the most reliable way to prevent infection from surfaces.Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces reduces the risk of infection and prevents the spread of other germs

Knowledgeable Service Providers

An expert commercial cleaner is trained in all aspects of cleaning and are well instructed about the amount of time a chemical needs to be on the surface to work properly and kill germs which is a critical step in getting surfaces clean and keeping employees healthy. 


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