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how long do possums stay in one

How long do possums stay in one area?

Possums are common in many areas of Australia, and you may be wondering how long they typically stay in one place. The answer is not straightforward, as possums are highly adaptable animals that can survive in various environments. Before knowing How long do possums stay in one area? Let’s understand what are possum.

Possums are native Australian marsupials that cause little to no harm to residents in Canberra. They will mind their own business and not prey on humans.

There are two types of possums.

Ringtail Possum

The common ringtail possum has white patches under its eyes and a cream-coloured stomach. Ringtails have a prehensile tail that they use for better mobility. The ringtail possum’s molars are sharp and have pointed cusps, which makes them more frightening to deal with once they behave aggressively. This is one of many behavioral habits that can threaten you, your family, or your colleagues if a possum concern is left unattended.

Brushtail Possums

The brushtail possum species is endemic to Australia and is named for its distinctive furry tail, which enables them to swing from side to side. They have silver, grey, and gold colour variations.

A possum problem can still significantly impact your home, lifestyle, and health. It is vital to have them professionally removed if you suspect any sign of them living on your roof. Residents with vulnerable immunity systems make possums much more dangerous – mainly because of the bacteria they carry.

The factors influencing how long a possum will remain in one area.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that possums are not territorial animals, meaning they don’t defend a specific area or territory. Instead, they roam freely and cover large areas for food and shelter. In general, possums tend to move around frequently, especially in urban and suburban areas with many sources of food and shelter.

That said, there are some situations where possums may stay in one area for an extended period. For example, if a possum finds a steady source of food and shelter, such as a garden or a shed, it may stay there for a while. Similarly, if a female possum gives birth to young, she may stay in one spot until her young are old enough to venture out independently.

Another factor influencing how long possums stay in one area is the availability of suitable habitat. Possums prefer to live in wooded areas with plenty of covers, such as hollow logs, trees, and dense vegetation. They may move to a new location if their habitat is destroyed or disturbed.

It’s also worth noting that possums are nocturnal animals, which means mostly they are active at night. During the day, possums often seek shelter in a den, a hollow tree, under a brush pile, or in an attic or crawl space. If a possum finds a secure hole, it may stay in that area for an extended period.


In summary, how long possums stay in one area will vary depending on several factors, such as the accessibility of food and shelter, the presence of young, the presence of suitable habitats, and the location of safe dens. the availability of suitable habitats, and the location of secure dens. In general, possums tend to move around frequently, but they may stay in one area for an extended period if their needs are met. If Possums are creating problem then the best option is to contact professional Possum Removal like Upkeepcity. Canberra City is highly populated with possums and to get rid of them you can contact Upkeepcity’s Possum Removal Canberra professionals who are experts in their job.



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