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How often is gutter cleaning to be done in Canberra?

Gutters are essential to any building’s drainage system, especially in regions like Canberra, where the climate can be unpredictable and heavy rainfall is not uncommon. Neglecting the cleaning of gutters can lead to clogs, which may cause water damage to your property, roof, and walls. This is why keeping your gutters clean and free from debris is crucial.

The question is how often you should clean your gutters in Canberra? The frequency of gutter cleaning can depend on various factors, including the type of building, the surrounding environment, and the weather patterns in the area.

Climate condition in Canberra

Canberra experiences moderate rainfall throughout the year, with an annual average of around 629 mm (24.8 inches). However, most of this rainfall occurs during winter and spring months, from June to November.

During the rainy season, which typically starts in June and continues through August, Canberra receives an average of 55 mm (2.2 inches) of rainfall per month. This rainfall is usually spread over several days, with occasional heavy downpours. The city’s water catchments and reservoirs benefit significantly from the winter rainfall, helping to ensure a reliable water supply for the rest of the year.


In spring (September to November), the rainfall in Canberra begins to taper off, with an average of around 48 mm (1.9 inches) of rain per month. However, thunderstorms can be more frequent during this time, particularly in October, bringing heavy rainfall and occasional flash flooding.

Clean Gutter at least 2 times a year

Generally speaking, it’s recommended that homeowners in Canberra clean their property’s gutter at least 2 times a year, firstly in the spring season and secondly in the rainy season. Spring is an excellent time to clean gutters after the winter season when snow and ice can cause debris buildup, and fall is a crucial time to clear out leaves and other materials that have accumulated during the summer months.

However, if your property is in an area with many trees or foliage surrounding your property, you have to clean your gutters more frequently. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can block gutters, so it’s essential to clear them out before they cause damage.

Hire Professional

In addition to the frequency of cleaning, it’s also essential to consider the cleaning method. While some homeowners may choose to clean their gutters themselves, hiring a professional gutter cleaning service is often safer and more efficient. Professional cleaners have the tools and expertise necessary to clean gutters thoroughly, and they can also identify potential problems, such as leaks or damage, that may need to be repaired.


In conclusion, gutter cleaning is essential to property maintenance in Canberra. While the frequency of cleaning can vary based on several factors, it’s generally recommended to clean gutters at least twice a year. Homeowners should also consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning service like Upkeepcity, which provides location-wise services gutter cleaning Canberra, for a safer, on-time, and more efficient cleaning process. By keeping gutters clean and debris-free, you can protect your property from water damage and ensure the longevity of your home’s drainage system.

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