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How to Fix a Burnt Carpet?

Most homes benefit significantly from carpeting, but it can damage easily if you are not careful. Accidents do occur, regardless of how careful you are, and it’s nobody’s fault; what we can do, however, is find solutions to repair and restore carpets to their former glory. 


 The likelihood of your carpet getting burned is higher than most people might realize when using/handling hair irons, clothing irons, candles, or cigarettes, among other items. The good news is that, provided the burnt carpet is not too large or severe, and you have the necessary tools, you can repair it yourself. Of course, if your carpet has sustained extensive burns, we advise speaking with a professional carpet service like Upkeepcity that can help you with a repair. 


 However, if the carpet burn is only a tiny patch or mark, you can resolve the issue by following the steps.


 Although treating burns on your carpet requires a very different strategy than treating stains, you shouldn’t have much trouble doing so. There are ways to lessen its visibility or completely remove a burn, whether it’s a minor cigarette burn or a more serious issue like an iron burn. Let’s find out how. 


 How to Repair a Burned Carpet. 


 The procedure of removing burns from the carpet will vary depending on how bad the burn is.


Three techniques are listed below to successfully fix a burnt carpet, beginning with the least severe issues and progressing to the most serious ones. 


  1. How to Fix upper layers of carpet burns. 


 The solution is relatively simple if only the upper layer of the carpet fibers is burned. 


 The following procedures should be followed: 


  •  Carefully remove the charred ends of the carpet’s fibers using a small, sharp pair of scissors. Take time with this because you don’t want to remove more than the required area. 
  •  Vacuum the area after removal to remove any ash from the burned tips. 
  •  Gently dab the fibers cut with a sponge dipped in a mild detergent solution. 
  •  To get the detergent out of the area, rinse the sponge and wipe it over the surface. 
  •  Dab it again with a clean, dry cloth to ensure the area dries more quickly. 
  •  The patch will disappear once it has dried. 


  1. How to fix medium carpet burns. 


 To complete the job effectively, a few crucial tools are needed to repair relatively minor but noticeable burns (like those caused by cigarettes). 


  •  What You’ll Need Is. 
  •  Sandpaper. 
  •  Vacuum cleaners. 
  •  Scissors. 
  •  One part hydrogen peroxide to 10 parts water or a commercial carpet cleaner. 
  •  (Water-filled) spray bottle. 
  •  Tweezers. 
  •  Adhesive for carpeting. 
  •  Comb. 
  •  Microfiber towels. 
  •  Paper. 
  •  Massive book. 




  •  Take the sandpaper and start working it into the burn mark. 


  •  Once finished, vacuum the area to get rid of all the dirt. 


  •  Use pair of scissors to trim all the burned fibers. 


  •  Now, take a microfiber cloth to clean the area by dabbing it across the top with your carpet cleaner or the hydrogen peroxide solution you’ve soaked in. Work your way into the burnt area’s center from the outside in. 


  •  Spray some water on the patch to clean it, then pat it dry with a dry cloth.


  •  Start pulling carpet fibers out of the carpet with the tweezers from a hidden area of the carpet, such as underneath a couch or in a closet where it is hidden from view. Gather the fibers in a bowl or tray after you’ve removed enough to cover the burn patch with them. 


  •  To ensure you have the ideal amount, spread this tuft of fibers into the shape of the burn. 


  •  Put some high-quality carpet cement or adhesive on the patch and insert the fiber tuft. 


To apply the adhesive correctly, follow the directions on the label. 


  •  Place a heavy book on top and cover the area with paper. 


  •  Before removing the paper and book, give this time to dry.


  •  To finish, lightly comb the patched area and its surroundings to make it blend in with the rest of the carpet. 


  1. How to Repair Carpeting After a Serious Burn. 


 A different strategy is necessary for larger burns that cover a larger area. This requires more work and is intimidating, but the instructions below should help enough and produce positive outcomes. 


  •  Vacuum the burned area to remove dirt and debris before doing anything else. 


  •  Next, start removing the burned carpet with your utility knife. Make sure to cut the patch in a square or rectangle and avoid going too deep into the carpet. The base padding underneath the carpet backing should not be cut. 


  •  If you have the funds, remove a spotless section of carpet for a replacement from a hidden location. Finding a complementary carpet scrap from your professional carpet service or interior supplier will do if you cannot. In either case, allow at least 2mm extra on all sides when cutting the replacement’s size. 


  •  Trim the edges of this new piece to the appropriate size after positioning it against your cutaway patch and ensuring the fabric’s texture is in the same direction. 


  •  After removing the replacement carpet, vacuum the cutaway patch once more to remove any remaining dirt and debris. 


  •  After that, place the new carpet over the padding in the cutaway space and firmly secure it by pressing it down. 


  •  Cover the area with paper and set a heavy book on top, just like in the previous step, to let the adhesive dry. 


  •  The repaired patch should then blend in with the rest of the carpet by finishing by combing the area and the area around it. 


 With this information, you can successfully repair burns and replace damaged carpeting. However, as was already mentioned, it is best to contact a professional carpet service like Upkeepcity’s carpet repair canberra if you are dealing with a large burn or are not confident enough to handle such a task.

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