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What are possums?

Possums are native Australian marsupials that cause little to no harm to residents. They will just mind their own business and do not prey on humans.

There are two types of Possums –

1) Ringtail Possums

2) Brushtail Possums.

The common ringtail possum appearance has white patches under their eyes and cream-coloured stomach. Ringtails have a prehensile tail which they use for better mobility.

The ringtail possum’s molars are sharp and have pointed cusps, which makes them more frightening to deal with once they behave aggressively.

This is one of many behavioural habits that can pose a threat to you, your family, or your colleagues if a possum concern is left unattended.

Brushtail possum species is endemic to Australia and is named for its distinctive furry tail which enables them to swing from side to side. They have silver grey and gold colour variations.

A possum problem can still have a significant impact on your home, lifestyle, and health. It is important to have them professionally removed if you suspect any sign of them living on your roof. Residents who have vulnerable immunity systems makes possums a lot more dangerous to be around – especially because of the bacteria they carry.

Extermination of possums is illegal in Australia. That is why proper removal and transfer of possums is needed to ensure utmost safety. If you think there are possums within the vicinity, call our possum removal company to carefully treat the matter and have your property possum-free in no time.

Reasons why you should hire possum removal experts:

Possums do not directly attack nor harm humans. But once you have noticed their presence inside your property, do not think twice about seeking professional assistance from our possum catchers.

Here are a few reasons why professional possum removal is important:

  • ·         Possum droppings carry bacteria that may trigger flesh- eating ulcers and  even lifelong physical disabilities in humans.
  • ·         Possums may be aggressive with your pets if they get inside your home.
  • ·         Possums can be carriers of parasites such as ticks and fleas.


We do not advise that you remove the possums on your own as their sharp teeth and claws can cause wounds and injuries.



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